we believe in giving more

give more

We, at Sasha Lara, responsibly design and make suits that suit ambitious women, giving us the confidence to change the world together. A suit that not only empowers the women who wear it, but also the Nepalese communities. For every pack that is sold, we donate 50% of the profit to our charity projects. That means for every € 2 profit that we receive, we donate € 1.

Our goal is to raise € 50,000 within 9 months so that our customers can design their own suit online, a business trip to Nepal for a second documentary and to realize and launch our customized suit collection during our annual Limited Edition benefit evening.


Sascha Brolman


Puck BLokland

our mission

Sasha Lara believes in giving more to those communities in need. Sasha Lara was founded to address unmet social needs in third world countries by designing, makeing and selling sustainable, hand-made women suits. For every piece of clothes purchases, Sasha Lara donates 50% of its profits to social projects.

our vision

Our vision is to work and live together to create sustainable change and to make a difference.

We want to empower women to give back to and transform lives of communities in need when purchasing a suit, while at the same time opting for a positive footprint on the planet.s


shop the puck-tee

Did you know that when you buy an item of Sasha Lara the brand, the profit will go to Nepal! Why? Sasha Lara supports a school in Pokhara. This school was destroyed after the earthquake which took place 5 years ago. With buying a tee you give the children a chance to go to school in a save and happy environment.


what our customers are saying

Very nice clothes with good quality for women. Especially the possibility to scan the QR code in label is so interesting because you can see who made your clothes.
It’s a fair way of making and selling clothes!

– Josephine