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The owner of Sasha Lara, Sascha, designs women’s clothing with a positive vibe. Everything she designs is made by tailors in Nepal. By doing so, Sasha Lara is creating jobs for the local population. The profit which she makes on selling the suits is being invested in smaller projects. For example, right now the profit goes to a school in Nepal which was ruined by an earthquake. So, with every product sold, we help to rebuild this school in Nepal.

When buying a piece of clothes from Sasha Lara you will find a QR code on the label. If you scan this label, a video will appear of the person who made your specific item. In this way you can see who you are helping, in terms of work creation, when purchasing an item. Smart and fun!

Not only do you create work for the Nepali people and do you support rebuilding a school in Nepal by buying the suit, the suits are also perfect and fashionable for women with ambition.

OUR company

We, as Sasha Lara, want to ‘give more’. In order to do so, we try to give jobs to people in Nepal by choosing multiple tailors to (hand) make the different items in our collection. And not only do we try to support the tailors in Nepal, we also give 50% of our profits to a school in Nepal which was ruined by an earthquake to help them rebuilding it.

If you buy a piece of clothes from Sasha Lara you give us the opportunity to give more. And not only are you helping us doing this, you also receive a piece of our beautiful hand-made collection which is perfect and fashionable for the entrepreneurial woman. Win-win situation, right?



After Sascha started the production in Nepal, she went to Bali to shoot the clothes. First, she rented a bike to go around the island looking for beautiful sceneries for the shoot. She cycled up and down, back and forward, and around and around to find the perfect spots. Second, she had to search for several models in order to shoot the pieces of her collection. With almost no money on her bank account she decided to ask ‘random’ woman on the beach. As she walked over the beach, she had a certain persona in mind: a girl who is naturally beautiful and preferably no experience with modeling. Why no experience in modeling? Sascha finds it extra interesting and challenging to work with girls who hadn’t had experience yet.

She sees it as a challenge to try to get everything out of the model, to make them feel comfortable, and most of all to make them feel beautiful and seen. Luckily various women (from different nationalities) were super enthusiastic about the story and they were happy to help Sascha by posing in front of the camera. Looking back at the photos after the shoots Sascha always saw a big difference in the first and last photo: the models gained more and more confidence. Sascha mentioned: “at some point the models gained a kind of power and fire came up in them, which really made these photo shoots”.


“if youcan dream it you can do it”

OUR team

A company owned and managed by friends and family. Sasha Lara the Brand currently consist of two people. Sascha, the founder of the brand and designer of the suits and her friend Puck, the manager of the brand and first model.

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