Question & answer about
a tailor-made suit

Shipping & Returns

Do I have to pay my shipping costs?

We offer free shipping throughout the Netherlands and Europe. We will send the invoice to you by email.

When will my package be delivered?

The item is specially made for you in Nepal and will be delivered within three weeks. We will keep you informed by e-mail when the order is on its way to you.


I don’t know which female figure I have?

Download our bodytype poster and find out which body type you have. We match your body with our designed suits.

I don’t know exactly what sizes I have!

If you are unable to decide which sizes are right for you? Don’t worry, we’ve made an extra video just to measure yourself. Click here for the video tutorial.

Help! I the suit doesn’t fit.

Sasha Lara offers a pass guarantee. We do our best to make the right tailor-made suit. If you don’t fit the suit, take the suit to an existing tailor near you. Send the voucher to us and we will refund it for you.

Is the suit still not fitting right after the adjustments?

Is the suit still not fitting properly? Then we will send a new suit with the correct measurement adjustments. You only pay the return costs.

Material & washing instructions

What material is my suit made of?

The suit is made of 100% sustainable cotton. We design the prints ourselves and have them printed in India. Each PCB has a meaning. See the description with the prints to see which print suits you.

How should I wash my suit?

The suit can be put in the washing machine if you have the hand wash program. Optionally, you can hand wash the suit in a lukewarm bucket. Use little detergent.

Can I put the suit in the dryer?

Hang the suit to dry. Do not dry the suit in the sun and do not tumble dry.

What temperature can I iron my suit at?

Iron at a low temperature up to 110 degrees Celsius. Steaming is the best option to get the creases out.

need any help?

We have created a guided guide from which you can get inspiration and style advice. We believe that every person has a different kind of color type. Download our e-book here.

Do you still have questions after reading our guide? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you.