Our mission

We believe in giving more

The world is evenly devided


The world is unevenly divided. Developing countries, such as Nepal, have a hard time when another earthquake or pandemic breaks out. And if the economy in the country is already quite low, it is even more difficult to recover. Usually this is accompanied by a lack of knowledge and money. But how can it be that there is an abundance of knowledge and money on the other side of the world? The gap between rich and poor is getting wider as a result.




Sasha Lara believes in giving more to those communities in need. Sasha Lara was founded to address unmet social needs in third world countries by designing, makeing and selling sustainable, hand-made women suits. For every piece of clothes purchases, Sasha Lara donates 50% of its profits to social projects.


our mission

our Vision

Our vision is to work and live together to create sustainable change and to make a difference.

We want to empower women to give back to and transform lives of communities in need when purchasing a suit, while at the same time opting for a positive footprint on the planet.

We give change a chance

Nomatter who you are, what you do or where you live. We want to give change a chance. We do this to focus on three toppings. These three toppings are a common thread throughout our entire business.



sashalara. tailor // nepal

whoever you are

Unfortunately there is still a Masculine society in Nepal, this group dynamics can also be seen in the Netherlands in the workplace. Sasha Lara stands for creating equal opportunities for women. The aim is to provide women with opportunities for a better life than the life dictated by social traditions and expectations. We do this by offering courses to women in Nepal. In the Netherlands, we empower women with our power suits, giving them the confidence to conquer the world.


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whatever you do


Hierarchical systems are still too often located in the workplace. Sasha Lara wants to give all people from manager to tailor a chance to work in a safe workplace. We provide opportunities to earn real wages and to be appreciated for the work you do. No fabric without cotton farmers and no suit without a tailor. Everyone is important in what she or he does.



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wherever you live

There is a lot of impotence in developing countries. Powerlessness because natural disasters can come into play. Powerlessness because citizens have no jurisdiction in political systems. We believe we can change this by sharing our profits with communities that need it more. In this way we can give local people a chance to get out of a situation that they themselves cannot control more quickly.

OUr values


our commitment is to further a social mission that serve collective interests by addressing unmet social needs.


By offering jobs to multiple tailors, we create economic opportunities for communities in Nepal.


We design and hand-made timeless, sustainable clothes using fair and transparant processes.


Sasha Lara has ‘no waste’ policy. All ‘left over fabrics‘ are used for repurposing by making accessoiries.


We create transparency in our manufacturing process to help assert workers’ human rights and ethical business practices.


We derive fabrics from eco-friendly recources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials to faster a sustainable mission.