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our route to

We strive to leave an ecological footprint as a brand. As we are at the beginning of our adventure, we cannot guarantee that we are 100% sustainable. Let’s not forget that we transport our products from Nepal to the Netherlands by plane.

Our strength is to be transparent and loyal to. We are happy to tell you what we are doing and what goals we are pursuing on the way to a more sustainable world

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Fit Guarantee

Sasha Lara offers a fit guarantee. We do our best to make the right tailored suit. If you don’t fit the suit, take the suit to an existing tailor near you. Send the voucher to us and we will refund it for you.

Is the suit still not fitting properly? Then we will send a new suit with the correct size. Only pay the return costs.

1. First order

You give your measurement to us and we will make  a handmade customized suit for you. 


2. Voucher

You receives your suit at home, but you are not fitting the suit. Please send the suit to a tailor near to you and send us the bill. 

3. new suit

You received the suit from the tailor but you still cannot fit the suit? We are sorry to hear this, but we will send you a new suit with the new measurements.

“Your suit Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”

Our sustainable material

We are making progress to our route to sustainability. In June 2021 we are launching our second collection. The fabric of our suits is going to be made from Tencil.

Tencel is a very sustainably produced fiber. Tencel is made from eucalyptus wood and processed into a soft, supple fiber, which gives the fabric a silk feel.

1. 100% pure nature

Completely plant-based, also suitable for vegan. Very environmentally friendly

2. Silky soft and luxurious

Optimal ventilation, a relief for your skin. The fabric is very strong.

3. Temperature regulating.

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

changing the
future together

Our vision is to work and live together to create sustainable change and to make a difference.

We want to empower women to give back to and transform lives of communities in need when purchasing a suit, while at the same time opting for a positive footprint on the planet.