our story


Sasha Lara the brand is developed with the idea to collect money for small projects in third world countries. In 2017 Sascha travelled through several countries in Asia with Nepal as one of her destinations. When she was in Nepal, she decided she wanted to have a custom-made suit for herself, and so she designed one, looked for a tailor and after some days she had her own designed hand-made suit. While she was in Nepal, she trekked through the Himalayas and sometimes her thoughts were drifting away to designing more suits.

After climbing the Anna Purna for two weeks, Sascha got the opportunity to do some voluntary work at a little school in the mountains. The school where she worked at was ruined by the earthquake in 2015, Sascha was totally shocked to see in what kind of circumstances the children had to learn and play. So, as soon as she came home, she tried to collect money via Social Media to help to rebuild the school. After raising 750€ she wondered if she could raise money in a different way and so she did some brainstorming.

In the same month Sascha left to Morocco where she had to shoot a video and make photos for the surf camp her friend Puck was working at. Because she already brainstormed a little bit about it at home, she brought the hand-made suit from Nepal with her and asked her friend Puck to do a photoshoot with it. After the shoot they shared the photos of the shoot on social media and they both got very positive reactions on the suit. Now Sascha new for sure: she wanted to design and make more suits to sell them and give the profit to the school in Nepal

OUR mission is to GIVE MORE

Sascha was still studying at this time so she was afraid she couldn’t carry on with her plans, but fortunately her University heard her idea and wanted to support Sascha in following her dreams. The goal of Sasha Lara the Brand is to ‘give more’. The brand does so by stimulating the economy in Nepal by giving Nepali people work and by donating her profits to charity projects like rebuilding the school in Nepal.





Sascha her suit-project is carried out completely independently. With many positive reactions and a good PR in various Dutch magazines, Sasha Lara the Brand was born and could no longer be ignored from the fashion world.

And guess what? This is only just the beginning…