What we give

We believe in giving more

Sasha Lara donates 50% of its earned profits to the little school on the mountains in the village of Barang. With the money the brand helps rebuilding the school, in order to make it saver and happier place for the kids.


The brand also creates economic opportunities for the local community in Nepal by offering and creating jobs. Sasha Lara provides honest work, safe working environment, fair wages and supportive education in order to provide prosperity and opportunities.

OUR mission is to GIVE MORE

Sascha was still studying at this time so she was afraid she couldn’t carry on with her plans, but fortunately her University heard her idea and wanted to support Sascha in following her dreams. The goal of Sasha Lara the Brand is to ‘give more’. The brand does so by stimulating the economy in Nepal by giving Nepali people work and by donating her profits to charity projects like rebuilding the school in Nepal.